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Managing SaaS Application Security Risks

Understand the security posture of your SaaS application and proactively make changes to dramatically reduce likelihood of a breach.



When implementing a SaaS product, you inherit its default security posture. Although these defaults may be fine for organizations with a higher security risk tolerance, these defaults often don’t adequately protect your sensitive data.

M365, the most widely deployed business productivity suite, has more than 7,500 default settings per user, with 30% of these settings directly affecting your security posture. New M365 updates and features – often with inadequate documentation – are frequently released and can expose organizations to new security risks.

Staying up to date with these settings requires deep M365 and Azure AD security knowledge because many of the settings are not even exposed in the Microsoft-supplied admin portals and require custom software to interrogate and change.


Siriux’s SaaS Vulnerability Assessment tool for Microsoft 365 collects configuration settings by leveraging PowerShell and making Microsoft Graph API calls. This information is then automatically analyzed to produce a clear picture of the organization’s M365 security posture. 

As part of the delivery of this solution, Siriux Analysts also provide expert recommendations on what changes should be made to the organization’s M365 settings in alignment with its business and security needs. The organization then implements the remediation plan to suit its unique business and security priorities.



“The Siriux M365 scanning tool is one of the first of its kind, offering a quick and easy way to conduct an evaluation of your M365 configuration. I was surprised to see how many vulnerabilities exist even in the default configuration that we scanned with their team.”

— Edward Amoroso, Founder and CEO of TAG Cyber

“Siriux helped us understand how the Dark Halo attack impacted our organization and is helping us keep our configurations stable to defend against similar attacks in the future.”

— Private Equity Firm

“With Siriux we discovered over 1000 SharePoint Online sites which allowed guests to gain access to our internal administrative data.”

— Global Law Firm

“The Siriux scan helped us discover our global admin accounts didn’t have the appropriate MFA controls in place. Siriux Analysts also helped facilitate the improvements of Intune policies to protect our employee’s mobile devices and laptops.”

— Fortune 500 Insurance Company


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